How Could a Takeover Affect You and Your Child?

The Mississippi State Board of Education and the Mississippi Commission on School Accreditation has asked the Governor to declare that a state of emergency exist in the Jackson Public Schools. The Governor’s declaration will result in JPS being taken over by the state. Now, it is up to Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to make the final decision about the future of JPS.

Below are some of the likely consequences for students, parents, and residents of Jackson if a takeover occurs.

1. The JPS School Board will be abolished. The State Board of Education will be the governing body.

2. Local control will be lost. The Mayor and the City Council will lose the right to appoint and confirm School Board Members.

3. JPS schools may be subject to closure, and, or, consolidation.

4. JPS policies on students’ and parents’ rights may be abolished.

5. Extracurricular activities and special programs may be eliminated

6. All JPS principals, teachers, support staff, and administrators become “at-will” employees. Meaning they may be fired for any reason.

7. The Interim JPS School Superintendent will be fired. An interim superintendent who reports to the State Board of Education will be appointed.

8. Local ad valorem tax dollars (your tax dollars) may be sent to other school districts.

9. There is no track record of academic success in districts that have been taken over by the state. In fact, most students and districts suffer after a takeover occurs.

10. State takeovers diminish community engagement and involvement, necessary ingredients to enhance district and student success.


This is Our Jackson Public Schools District, and we, the students, parents, community leaders, faith leaders, and business leaders should determine its future.

Sign the petition and ask Governor Bryant not to concur with the recommendation of a State takeover.